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Soap, Soap is a wonderful thing! That keeps you clean!

Soap! There is so much I could say about soap. Our soap is made with organic ingredients, here in Santa Cruz County. Our soaps lather well, smell amazing, and do their job, keep you clean.

We use a blend of organic oils: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, and Sustainable Palm oil. The palm oil we use, we get from a farm that grows the palms for the making of soap. If we were to stop using palm oils in soap, we would put a lot of small businesses out of business, as this is their only income. This palm oil is what makes our soaps later so well, it is what we soap makers like to call a super fat. Without this super fat, we would not get rich bubbly lather in our soaps.

With most of our soaps, we use essential oils for the scents. The essential oils offer us rich full scented soaps with long-lasting aromas. We do have some soaps that to achieve these long-lasting scents, we need to boost their essential oils with a small amount of fragrance oils. There are only a few of these soaps in our lineup.

After making the soaps, they must cure on a shelf in a cool darker place for 8 weeks. These are the hardest 8 weeks. I always want to pull them out early, but I know that if I do it threatens the integrity of my bars. Our bars are hard bars, they last about 4-6 weeks depending on use, and how many people are using the bar. If we take them out early, you get bars that fall to mush in the shower, leak down the side of the shower, and down the drain while you are not home. So I leave them alone until they are finished curing!

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